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A trade show booth with a hockey rink. A wall full of playbooks. A complete in-store sign installation. An inflatable train, pulling a wagon of giant vegetables. A giant inuksuk. A stunning one of a kind sandblasted sign.

If you were wondering who would do that? We would, and do.

Cyan Design is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill company. In fact, there’s not a lot ordinary about us. Every day is a new adventure. You’ll see what we mean by exploring our website. So click away and then contact us. We’re ready for anything and can’t wait to get started.

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Our Expertise

  • You need something that’s unusual or not available off the shelf? Cyan Design has successfully delivered on a wide variety of custom, one-off requests.

    Blackberry approached us about designing and printing a one-of-a-kind “Playbook Wall” where people in Communitech use it to show connected interaction. Thanks to our high-end skills, we helped deliver a high tech marvel.

    The Museum in Downtown Kitchener was hosting “A Celebration of Canada’s North – an Arctic Adventure” and asked us to build a giant inuksuk. We also produced several displays to help make this event a huge success.

    Blackberry needed 6 custom containers made from Baltic Birch to hold all of their devices at the office.

    Don’t ever be afraid to ask us. You wouldn’t believe some of things we’ve been asked to design, build, and then install. At times, we don’t either!

    • Interactive Playbook Wall
    • Interactive Playbook Wall
    • 9 foot Inuksuk
    • Walnut display box for electronics
    • Oak display box
    • Display Box
    • Leather portfolio
  • You want a hockey rink in the middle of your booth with net and flashing light? Leave it to us because come show time, it will be there complete with player’s bench, lockers, and rink boards.

    Large or small, Cyan Design has proven time and time again that we can deliver top notch, showstopping displays and exhibits whether it’s the wildest idea you’ve ever heard of or the classiest design ever conceived. We always strive to provide the very best.

    • Trade Show Display
    • Trade Show Display
    • Trade Show Booth
    • Trade Show Booth
    • Installation of Display
    • Artic North Exhibit
    • Artic North Exhibit
    • Installation of Display Booth
    • Display booth for Canadian Tire Show
  • Need the interior of your store to change overnight? You’d be surprised at how many of these types of installations we’ve done. In fact, our team travelled to hundreds of stores across the country to install fixtures, wire racks, decals and signage.

    We are also called upon to install custom signs, banners, and hanging sign systems where the installation itself is rather unusual and requires some ingenuity to get it done.

    • Hanging sign installation
    • Waterloo Busker Carnival hanging banners
    • Hoarding signage
    • Mustange system hanging install
    • Glass office partitions
    • Vinyl banner
    • Vinyl banner
    • Crezon signage
    • Book table manufacturing and installation Canadawide
    • Individual metal letters
    • Individual metal letters
    • Jobsite signage
    • Jobsite signage
    • Outdoor crezon signage
    • Interior office signage
    • Trade booth installation
    • Manufactured and installed suspended display box
  • You need a special book display built that will not only display books ON it but will hold inventory BELOW it? And you have how many stores? And want this delivered by when?

    Yes, we did just that and it’s just one of the many retail projects we get involved in. We have a knack for creating just what you need and then delivering it on schedule throughout all store locations.

    Through our associate, Bri-Don Enterprises, we are thrilled about an exciting new way of hanging signage in stores that is safe, simple, and secure. Using a specially designed overhead track, the Hang N Slide or the Bri-Don Retractable Sign System allows your employees to change slides quickly, easily, and yes, safely. It eliminates the need to lean over product modules and risk a slip or fall. Instead, an employee slides the signage over a free and clear area, replaces the sign, and then slides it back in place.

    It’s genius! And Cyan Design is installing more and more of these systems in major retail locations.

    • Store wall and window decal application plus letter installations
    • Store wall and window decal application plus letter installations
    • Store wall and window decal application plus letter installations
    • Store wall and window decal application plus letter installations
    • Book table manufacturing and installation Canada-wide
    • Book table manufacturing and installation Canada-wide
    • Grocery store sign hanging system installations
    • Grocery store sign hanging system installations
    • Grocery store sign hanging system installations
    • Hang N’ Slide sign system
    • Hang N’ Slide sign system
  • Whether it’s a giant inflatable train locomotive or a chef driving a wagon full of giant vegetables, we’ve been involved in the design, construction, and at times, the operation of multiple floats in some of the largest parades across the province.

    Take a good look at some of our floats. Strike up the band!

    • Charity Float
    • Giant inflatable tractor and mini chef costumes
    • Giant inflatable train pulling a tractor of inflatable vegetables
    • Giant inflatable train pulling a tractor of inflatable vegetables
    • Giant inflatable train pulling a tractor of inflatable vegetables
    • Inflatable car
    • Celebrating 60 years with a Juke Box
    • Holiday themed float
  • Signage has always been something we’ve hung our hat on at Cyan Design. We’ve certainly had our share of conventional coroplast or vinyl signs but we’ve also help create a bit of magic with sandblasted and hand lettered signage.

    Whether it’s a grouping of individual, high relief letters above your entrance or a brand montage in reception, there really isn’t much we haven’t done or wouldn’t do. Here are just a few examples of the thousands of signs we have done. Enjoy!

    • Vehicle lettering and decal printing/application
    • Vehicle lettering and decal printing/application
    • Outdoor signage
    • Outdoor signage
    • Outdoor signage
    • All sized decals
    • Illuminated signage
    • Mesh banners


Customers & Collaborations



Here are just some of the incredible companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with. We look forward to adding you to the list.

  • Giant Tiger
  • Metro Grocery
  • Food Basics
  • Sobey’s
  • Loblaws
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • MTD
  • Jaz Integrated Graphics
  • Melloul Blamey
  • Killam Properties Inc
  • Bri-Don Enterprizes
  • WalMart
  • Zehrs
  • Blackberry
  • Home Hardware
  • Smartwire
  • Source Display
  • Conestoga Rovers & Associates
  • RR Donnelley
  • M.J. Lawson Real Estate Ltd.



If you love working with us, you’ll also love working with our amazing and talented associates:

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